9-1-1 Address Verification

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where it’s needed

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Easily Update with APIs

Your customers move around a lot, which makes keeping their location data for emergency services up to date important. It can also be a drain on your resources. With Bandwidth’s APIs you can automatically update their information as changes happen, provisioning their new address in milliseconds and sending the MSAG information to the PSAP to ensure help arrives where it’s needed.

Keep 911 address location up to date via Bandwidth APIs
911 dispatcher confirms caller address location

Making sure help goes where it’s needed

When emergency help is needed, every second matters. If the call is routed to the wrong location, or if help is sent to the wrong place, it can have dire consequences. Bandwidth’s 9-1-1 Address Verification keeps your users’ location data accurate with up-to-the-moment updates as your users’ information changes. Instead of waiting days or weeks for the data to update, we instantly provision the new location information, providing the correct MSAG information to the local PSAP so that emergency services can be sent where they’re needed quickly.

Taking care of the little things

Things go wrong - we understand that. Maybe there’s a typo in an address, or just a common misspelling; either way, we know you don’t want to spend time and resources hunting down every error that stops an address from being validated. So let us do it. At Bandwidth we take the time to research and resolve any issues around address failures so you can focus on providing your customers the service they value from you. Oh, and we do it all at no additional cost to you - just one of those little things we do for our customers.

We’re kinda pros at this

Learn how we helped Spirit by becoming their reliable, cost-effective 9-1-1 solution and you’ll see how we can help you.

Eliminate the barriers to help

We’re committed to helping you provide a better service and experience to your users. Find out how we can do that with better, more efficient 9-1-1 Address Verification.

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