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The Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard

Complete access. Complete ease. Complete control. Complete efficiency


Think of how easy it is to order a pizza online. You can get instant access to new numbers from our nationwide, all-IP network just as easily.


The Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard is more than just a number management system – it’s a way to completely automate your back office. The Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard gives you easy access to phone number ordering, porting, and provisioning, as well as 9-1-1, directory listing, and more.

No patience required. See our inventory, select a number, and use it right away


You don’t have to be a telecom expert to master Bandwidth’s nationwide, all-IP network, but you’ll feel like one when you order numbers, port numbers, and pull reports with just a few clicks. The Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard does the hard work for you while you take the glory. Go ahead, we won’t tell. (And good news, if you’ve already automated, you have the option to replicate the same awesome functionality within your own systems using our API platform.)

New Number Ordering


Bandwidth has expansive coverage and the ability to match almost any number you want in the nation. It’s easy to search any way you choose, with flexible search methods that can be combined or expanded. You can search coverage areas in any way—city, zip code, rate center, and more.


Once you settle on your choice you can start texting or calling immediately because the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard gives you real-time provisioning.


Can’t find the numbers you’re looking for? Place a backorder and we’ll send you a notification when the numbers are available for you to order.

Number Porting


How many hours does your staff spend sifting through numbers on a spreadsheet in order to manage ports? Put those hours to better use. Just give the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard your numbers and let it do the hard work. It starts with splitting numbers by carrier so you can see who they belong to and start porting them right away. The Phone Number Dashboard eliminates surprises — Bandwidth auto-selects the first available activation dates based on the porting rules of the losing carrier.


Do you need full control of your port? No problem, the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard lets you pick your port time and activate your port at the push of a button. You’ll always know the status of your ports, because notifications make sure you are kept up to date as your port updates. We call it Happy Porting, and we think you’ll agree it’s a better way to port numbers.



Our APIs make it easier for you to do business. They enable complete number management so you can configure any of your number features yourself, and rich reporting gives you important information on demand.


Real-time provisioning means your customers can place numbers orders directly within your user interface, so they are up running in seconds — no tickets needed. Your customers fully control their ports, so you don’t need to dedicate a team to manage their port requests.

Partner with us


Ready to experience a new way to manage phone numbers? Contact a Bandwidth expert to see how we can help your business’ number management needs.


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