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6 ingredients to a fruitful internship program


July 15, 2016


July 9, 2021

Summer Internship Program

Have you ever wondered if an intern is really gaining anything out of their internship? What is the true value of an internship?  Is it job training, an exercise, simply just fun or just space on a resume?  What does the organization and the student gain?

At Bandwidth being an intern does not mean you ride the bench; you are an active player on the team!  I’ve had the opportunity to be a mentor to an amazing student this year and one word comes to mind when I think of her…impressive! When rare talent comes your way the key to keeping them is offering challenge and happiness.  We have excelled in satisfying our interns’ appetites with 6 simple ingredients that can be identified to ensure a successful program.

1) Rock Star Intern

It’s all about having the perfect candidate who truly wants to come in, be a sponge and soak up knowledge!  We have successfully accomplished that with 10 amazing interns this summer!

2) Understanding what’s important to the intern

Each intern is paired with a mentor in their field – a trusted advisor to be a resource they can utilize throughout their internship and forever.

3) Meaningful work 

Our interns are embarking on an opportunity to practice intentional experimentation in a field they are interested in and care about.  Daily, we lead with trust and give them hands on duties and responsibilities that impact our business all while they learn to uncover what a life would be like at Bandwidth.

4) Inclusion 

We insert our interns into our team on day one.  It’s our goal to make them feel apart of the team.  We give them direction, opportunities, regular check-ins, access to the team, feedback and visibility.

5) Amazing perks

What’s an experience without amazing perks?  On a daily basis, our interns get the opportunity to insert themselves into the Bandwidth world and embark on the 90 minute workout lunches, free food, free swag, panel discussions with executives, organized community service for a great cause, building relationships and the experience!

6) Takeaways and Development

After almost 2 ½ months it is our hope that our fellow teammates feel a strong sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in our program.  You should always love what you do and have fun all while continuing to grow and develop in the midst of it.