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7 productivity plays for business anywhere

Jason Sommerset Jason Sommerset
Jason Sommerset
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Business productivity – those are two words that excite few hearts. Instead, let’s call it doing cool things easily. Step into the shoes of the average road warrior (maybe you already wear these shoes), and see what a typical day looks like when mobile apps are used to smooth the way:

  1. There’s a buzz in your pocket. It’s an SMS appointment reminder about that 10 o’clock meeting with Corporation Gigantico.
  2. You click over to your live traffic app—oh, no, there’s tie-up on the highway. But you know what to do. You open your map app and choose an alternate route. No worries! You’ll be there with time to spare.
  3. You’re cool and collected in the conference room when the Corporation Gigantico team comes in with some new members. You scan their business cards with your mobile business card scanner and upload the images to your customer relationship management system. No chance of forgetting the name of that guy with the crazy tie.
  4. The Corporation Gigantico team is doing a great job of explaining their business requirements with some brilliant diagrams on the whiteboard. You use your project management app to take a photo. Your project manager can start reviewing it while you’re still in front of your clients.
  5. Your project manager texts that she’s uploaded some notes, which you instantly display to the room with your screen projection app. Corporation Gigantico loves what you guys are doing.
  6. You aced the meeting with Corporation Gigantico! You stop for a celebratory mochaccino at that interesting coffee shop you noticed on your way up. A quick click on your phone and you’ve snapped a photo of the receipt with your expense tracking app. Boom. Your expense report is up to date.
  7. When you get back to the office, your mileage tracking app has recorded your travel. You mark the journey as a business trip with a single swipe of your finger and forget about it. You know that on Friday, the app will send you a summary that you can plug into your expense account. No more missed miles eating away at your wallet.

Thanks to your mobile mastery, you serviced a client better, kept your team in the loop, updated your organization’s business systems, tracked your expenses in real-time, saved the Accounts Payable people from chasing paperwork, and on top of all that, you found a terrific mochaccino spot. All that, and it’s not even lunchtime yet.