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A short text could make a long term difference


August 12, 2016


April 10, 2023

5 laptop graphics with one containing a text bubble

On your mark, Get Set, Text! That’s right! The Bandwidth White Label Texting Application is finally here. Our easy to use turnkey solution will help businesses engage new customers and build stronger relationships with their existing clients. Our new White Label solution is a low cost alternative geared toward empowering VoIP service providers to add messaging services to their product portfolio without having to worry about having developers to integrate with APIs. The best part is that you can brand it to your company colors and logo as well.

How Bandwidth’s White Label Texting Application Can Help Differentiate Your Business

Make Your Customers More Efficient

Be the hero, by saving your clients time and energy. What if your customer could schedule appointments or quickly follow up with their customers using SMS?  According to a recent case study, most texts are responded to in 90 seconds and 30% of voicemails aren’t touched for 3 days. Now, your customers can get the results they’re looking for by engaging their clients in a way that’s convenient for them.  

Cater to your customer’s customer

There’s a serious demand for customer service via text message. According to a US Survey report 81% of consumers agree that it is frustrating to be tied to a phone or computer to wait for customer service help. Look at it from the consumer’s point of view. Imagine if you could communicate with your cable provider’s customer service rep through text while you’re sitting in a waiting room, as opposed to using a chat window on your computer or spending time on hold just to reach them by phone. Also, consider the added benefits of time management, convenience, archived conversations and increased Customer Satisfaction Index Scores.

Here’s How It’ll Work

Your customers will have the ability to text their clients from any of their connected devices (Desktop, iPad, Tablet, etc).  In addition, it will include text and picture messaging, notifications, scheduling, multi-user administration, group/lists, among other features.

Want to learn more about our White Label Texting Application and how your business can benefit? Contact our team and look out for future communications.