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An intern’s perspective on Bandwidth and Baklava

Alex Davis-Isaac Alex Davis-Isaac
Alex Davis-Isaac
Group of Bandwidth employees standing on bridge

It was my second day at Bandwidth, and the People Services Team was hosting a Mediterranean welcome lunch for me, complete with delicious Baklava for dessert. Though my first day had been full of friendly faces, new projects, and my very own desk, there were still a lot of people I had yet to meet. As everyone gathered around our Big Round Table (almost identical to King Arthur’s round table, no lie) I couldn’t help but smile at the warm faces of all the people sitting around me. By the end of that lunch, I had met every single member of the team, I had laughed so hard my eyes began to water, and through my blurred vision I realized that my time at Bandwidth was going to be something special.

Fast forward a couple of months and my wonderful internship experience is coming to an end. As the People Services Intern, I have gotten to work with the Recruitment Team, the Facilities Team, and the Benefits/Payroll Team. Though I have loved it all, Recruitment is where I found my calling. I learned how to provide a successful experience for candidates and how to schedule many of the onsite interviews at Bandwidth. I have gotten to take charge with the logistics of planning our company outing, star in one of our Training videos, and work closely with everyone on the People Services Team to assure a good work environment for our employees. Though the weeks have flown by, there are several key things I have learned this summer that I will be taking with me:

1. The people are the ones who make the internship so valuable. The relationships I have formed this summer are ones I hope to maintain for years to come. From my first day, I was welcomed with open arms from the entire team– regular ice cream walks with my mentor, inclusion into weekly recruitment meetings, and endless opportunities that make me feel like I am truly part of the Bandwidth family. Bandwidth goes the extra mile to provide their interns with the best mentors and experiences they can offer.

2.  Find a company that has the same values as you. Bandwidth matches my values on fitness, self-motivation, inclusion, and just promoting an overall healthy mind, body and soul.. I think my jaw dropped when I found out the company paid for you to go work out during lunch.

3.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I had no previous Human Resources experience coming in, so learning to have confidence in myself and really utilize the resources around me was so important. Everyone is willing to lend you a hand and help you along the way, and you can learn so much more if you ask for those challenges and opportunities.

4.  Find mentors who will challenge you and believe in you. The people here at Bandwidth are mentors who really want to help you learn and grow. There is honestly something to learn from everyone who works here.

5.  Every task is a learning opportunity, no matter how big or small. Not every day is spent working on some important project, and that’s okay. Coming in with an open and enthusiastic mindset can make a huge difference in an internship.

6.  Be yourself. The authentic you is your greatest asset, and the thing of most value and interest to others.

Looking back on my summer internship at Bandwidth, I realize it has been a lot like enjoying my dessert at the end of my welcome lunch that second day at the company. Like my piece of Baklava, my internship was surprisingly sweet, great from the start, a little nutty at times, but overall, amazing.

A picture of me and all the other great interns at Bandwidth.
Left to Right: My wonderful boss Kellie and I. Clearly we are rocking the company spirit with our Bandwidth t-shirts.

My natural habitat: Recruitment. Getting to regularly interact with candidates and different Bandwidth employees has been one of the highlights of the summer.

During my first month here, I had the opportunity to bring in “something I love” for a company photo shoot. Bringing in my jump rope for the shoot was one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do.