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April Product Updates: Say hello to 833 and the new BXML


April 26, 2017


August 17, 2023

April Product Updates

April showers may bring May flowers, but in our Raleigh HQ they brought us a couple of cool releases that we’re excited to share with you!

First up: a brand new toll-free number

Long-gone are the days of choosing between just 800, 888, or 866 for toll-free numbers. We’re excited to welcome another three-digit friend to the world of toll-free: 833! It’s brand new, squeaky clean, and will be available to order in the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard soon after release from the FCC next month.

In the meantime, we’ve readied our network to accept 833 outbound calls, and you should too! Ensure your equipment is set-up and ready to accept calls from this new number— expect another little heads up from your Bandwidth Customer Success Advocate once the numbers are released.

BXML v2 Is Here

We’re pumped about the release of BXML 2.0— a simplified development language used for our voice and messaging APIs. This major technical refresh will simplify our overall infrastructure and paves the way for many new features and functionalities in the future.

Want a sneak peek? Good news! We are now looking for customers who would like to join our limited availability release. The transition will be seamless, and should not require any recoding or development time. We can simply flip the switch to have you up and running on the new language. If you’re interested, let your Customer Success Advocate know or sign up at [email protected]. We are looking for customers who are willing to join our 2.0 limited availability release on April 27th.  This transition will be seamless and should not require you to recode anything. We can simply flip the switch and you will be up and running. If you’re interested in getting an early start on the new BXML, let your Customer Success Advocate know or sign up here at [email protected]. For the full BXML 2.0 release notes, click here.