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911 Access

Bandwidth and 911 ETC partner to provide emergency services to North America’s largest enterprises

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For organizations with multi-line phone systems, managing E911 services is not only time consuming and complex at a minimum, but potentially legally and physically dangerous. That’s why Bandwidth and 911 Emergency Telecom Company (ETC), two leading emergency services providers, have partnered to provide seamless E911 connectivity to over one hundred companies nationwide, including several in the Fortune 100.

As communication technologies within organizations have advanced, the complications surrounding the issue of E911 have only increased. Organizations often don’t realize that action must be taken on their part to ensure that an outgoing 911 call will have accurate location and route to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

The Bandwidth-911 ETC partnership creates a full-service solution for any organization that requires seamless 911 routing. 911 ETC provides location technology for an enterprise to ensure the accuracy of outgoing 911 calls. As part of 911 ETC’s full suite of emergency services technology, the company uses Bandwidth’s IP-enabled emergency call routing network to route emergency calls to the correct PSAP. Bandwidth’s API-based emergency platform ensures that 911 ETC’s solution works efficiently and accurately, by allowing its engineers to seamlessly integrate with Bandwidth to enable nationwide emergency call routing directly within its voice and location positioning technology.

The end result is a trusted solution that enterprise users have depended on for over a decade. Both Bandwidth and 911 ETC have partnered on over 100 customer implementations, including several in the Fortune 100.

“It’s critical in the emergency services business is that our clients trust us for our accuracy and stability,” said Bill Svien, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at 911 ETC. “This reliability is why we’ve trusted Bandwidth with a critical part of our platform for years. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve been able to expand our business and gain the support of the nation’s largest enterprises.”

“As 911 call routing becomes increasingly complex, it’s essential that organizations work with providers that have a strong track record of industry success,” said Steve Leonard, EVP and General Manager at Bandwidth. “As communications technology continues to evolve, we are optimistic that our joint technology will continue to exceed the emergency services needs of customers across the country.”

For more information on how 911 ETC manages E911, visit

For more information on Bandwidth’s emergency services solutions, visit our 911 Access page.

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