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Bandwidth helps online daters connect while protecting their privacy

Deirdre Clarke
Deirdre Clarke
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We’ve all been there before. Trying to find that “one” special person in the sea of people we interact with every day. As humans, most of us look to make that special connection with someone and live our “happily ever after” fairytale.

These days, we’re all so connected online that it only makes sense to go online to find your potential mate too. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, one in five adults ages 25-34 have used online dating but it’s also becoming more popular with older singles as well.

But do people feel safe using online dating sites?

As singles weed through potential suitors online, they want to get to know each other better— and what better way to do that than to talk? Exchanging personal information like your phone number is a crucial step in that process. A new study from Bandwidth confirms that 78% of respondents felt that they could build a stronger personal connection over the phone, rather than email. (Download our infographic to check out the full survey results.)

But do people feel comfortable handing out personal phone numbers to practical strangers? Personally, I know many people who are reluctant to do so (including myself!). Bandwidth’s study solidifies that notion as well, with 83% of the respondents saying they would feel safer using online dating services if they were not required to share their personal phone numbers.

Enter Bandwidth, the online dater’s knight in shining armour, to save the day. Bandwidth’s App Platform powers capabilities that add a layer of anonymity to online dating— while allowing singles to establish the deeper connections they desire. As the product manager of the service, I could not be more excited about the level of comfort this new feature will provide to those using online dating.

With Bandwidth’s App Platform offering, consumers no longer have to provide their personal phone numbers and instead can use a temporary number instead. Then, once they feel secure with a new match, or they no longer wish to continue speaking with the potential suitor, they can stop using it and discontinue the number. Being an optimist and romantic at heart, I hope for the former, but the realist in me acknowledges that it doesn’t always work out. In either case, Bandwidth’s got online daters covered. Happy soul-mate searching!

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