Bandwidth launches enhanced cloud-based call routing platform


New Bandwidth Route Intelligence Solution Can Unlock Substantial Savings and Drive Efficiency for Voice Service Providers 

Raleigh, North Carolina – (BUSINESS WIRE) – April 13, 2015 – Bandwidth, one of the nation’s leading communications technology companies, today announced that the availability of a new, cloud-based Route Intelligence Platform, which will allow its customers to easily route calls with new levels of sophistication, customization and cost savings.

Many companies – voice service providers, carriers, OTT apps and digital marketing firms – still depend on static routes to manage their voice calls.  As their businesses grow, managing quality, multiple vendors and ever-changing rate decks can prove to be highly inefficient from an operational and cost perspective. Many of the products currently available in the industry are geared towards sophisticated carriers, and are often difficult to integrate, overly complex and solve only a small portion of the customer’s problem.

The Bandwidth Route Intelligence Platform is a service-based, hosted version of Bandwidth’s Rate Management and Route Intelligence System that was developed more than two years ago.  The Route Intelligence Platform easily combines vendor rate deck management with Least Cost Routing intelligence, all via a simple web-based User Interface (UI).  Unlike other offerings on the market, Bandwidth makes its network and routes available to customers to provide more than just Rate Deck and cost analysis. 

“Bandwidth’s customers require more than just a standard Least Cost Routing engine,” said Nick Sgroi, VP of Carrier Strategy and Voice Termination at Bandwidth. “They need the essential information that allows them to make sound routing decisions without having to invest in old-school telecom infrastructure.”

When the system is queried, it will dip the call to determine the Local Routing Number (LRN) of the number being dialed and it will also determine whether the call is local vs. long distance. This allows customers to take advantage of LRN-based rate decks for their long distance traffic, saving them substantial amounts over “flat” or “dialed digit” decks.  In addition, customers will be able to split off local traffic and leverage Bandwidth’s local termination offering, improving quality and further reducing expense.

Bandwidth will be an option in the Route Intelligence Solution for Long Distance and Local termination, and therefore, can enable peering among its existing customer community.  Bandwidth serves over 34 million end points and users of the Route Intelligence Solution will have industry low rates with high-quality direct access to Bandwidth’s substantial subscriber base.

The Route Intelligence Solution also provides customers with the ability to manage quality simply and easily.  If a vendor is having problems terminating to a particular NPA/NXX, users can simply take them out of route for that specific NPA/NXX.  If a Term vendor is down completely, they can remove them from route with a simple keystroke.

“The call routing process embodies a time-consuming and technical telecommunications process that’s complex and challenging for many companies to manage on their own,” said Steve Leonard, EVP and General Manager at Bandwidth. “We developed this solution to inject cloud software into call routing, making a complicated process easier and more accessible. Our company’s technology is designed to make voice access a reality for any company, by providing our customers with the resources and time they need to stop focusing on telecom and continue growing their business.”

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