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Bandwidth Learning Lab: The Bandwidth Foundation


October 13, 2016


April 10, 2023

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Every house has to have a solid foundation. If the foundation settles, shifts, or cracks you are looking at lots of costly repairs and the house may never fully be the same again. Even with all the repairs you pour into it, you know the cracks are there and damage has been done.  So how do we make sure the foundation is solid?  How can we at Bandwidth ensure your foundation in our products are solid?  Well, that’s where the Bandwidth Learning Lab comes in.   

What is the Bandwidth Learning Lab and specifically what are these 15 videos for?  The Bandwidth Learning lab and these videos are your foundation in the Bandwidth Dashboard.  These videos are laying the groundwork for your company and Bandwidth to form a strong, lasting and profitable partnership.  Without this knowledge, the whole structure just isn’t right.  In the first installment of the Bandwidth Learning Lab, we’ve released 15 videos to serve as your knowledge foundation in the Bandwidth Dashboard.

As someone who works in the Port-In’s team, it was great to put these together based off of questions I get from you, our customers, every day!   We gathered the questions you ask the most and put something together that isn’t just what we think is important.  We want to answer YOUR important questions.  We want to empower you, so you can operate at a high level and provide your customers the best possible experience in what we all know can be a complicated process.

These initial videos cover the basics of managing your new account and educating you, as our new business partner, into how to have the best success when porting numbers into the Bandwidth Network

One of the most important videos for account management is “How to Create Sub-Accounts & Locations”.  This video walks you through such a crucial aspect of number routing and will prove vital for you moving forward while “How to Receive Email Notifications on Orders” will keep you up to date on all your important orders and actions in the dashboard.

In the porting section the “How to Add Notes to a Port-In Order” is a great way to learn how to communicate with Order analysts, like myself, and let you know when an analyst will see that note. “Bandwidth Project Porting Guidelines” gives you the step by step process of how our project porting works and our process to manage these complex ports.

That is why I am so excited about these videos.  They allow you to stay ahead of any issues or problems, to provide your customer the best possible experience in account management and porting.   The best part of these videos is they are quick, easy to find and won’t take a lot of your time.   

The other great news is; this is just the first phase!  We are planning on creating more videos each quarter to continue to provide you with the answers to your questions.  I am so happy to be a part of this to help you maximize your efficiency and better serve your customers.