Best Eats in Raleigh According to Bandwidth

Get out of your hotel room and get ready for a great weekend. If you’re stopping in the City of Oaks for a conference, exploration, or you just plain happen to live here, here’s our top notch list of dishes and places we love, and think you will too:


These Pecan Sticky Buns

Source: Yellow Dog Bread Company Facebook

Yellow Dog Bread Company

An unreal sweet treat, we can’t get enough of this homegrown bread company right in our midst. They just celebrated their second birthday, and our tastebuds couldn’t be happier. The staff ain’t half bad either.


Hand-crafted cocktail for a night on the town


Source: Foundation Facebook


Foundation’s creative cocktail menu will leave you several choices, but also a promise that each will be great. They’re fresh, local and ready for your company in their basement brick-built bar.


Chicken and Waffles


Source: Beasley’s Chicken + Honey Facebook

Beasley’s Chicken + Honey

You won’t believe it until you try it, but this combo is one we can’t live without. Just downtown, Beasley’s gives the Southern delicacy a name we can be proud of. We’d take a hunk of chicken with one of their homemade waffles any day.


Pour over coffee or a hand-crafted latte


Source: Joule Facebook


This picturesque cup a joe is unlike any other in the south. Joule is open all day, every day, so stop in for some of their steamy coffee or bangin’ brunch. Browse their Instagram if you need any more incentive, just saying.


The Carne Taco from Gonza


Source: Gonza Website

Gonza Tacos y Tequila

Finally, a location we can work with. Located at the Aloft Hotel right on Hillsborough Street, the vibrant atmosphere of this place will make anybody feel like they’re at a party – and that’s before you even take a look at the menu. You’ll swoon over their tacos, quesadillas and nachos, oh my!


The seasonal pizzas at Pizzeria Toro


Source: Toro Pizzeria Facebook

Pizzeria Toro

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? Or four? That seems to be the case whenever we head towards Pizzeria Toro. Each bite will be the best bite of your life.  Step out of Raleigh for a few hours and venture to Durham for this savory meal.


An amazing, fragrant, warm bowl of pho


Source: Pho Pho Pho Facebook

Pho Pho Pho Noodle Kitchen + Bar

We are pho serious when we say that this bowl can cure anybody’s mood. A newer installation in Raleigh, we’re happy this place is within the lunch hour range for us.


Ready for a drink?


Source: Person Street Bar Website

Person Street Bar

This bar is a local favorite. Aside from the great drinks, the atmosphere welcomes you for the entire afternoon and into the later hours just the same.


Crispy Pig Head with Beluga Lentils


Source: Yelp User Lindsay H.


Get out of your comfort zone and get into Stanbury. It’s a great place to explore new flavors, as well as local and seasonal favorites.


Loaded Tots


Source: Yelp User Ron W.

The Busy Bee Raleigh

The Busy Bee has been a Raleigh staple since 1913 but in 2008 was renovated and is now revamped and ready to rumble (bumble?). These loaded tots are just one of the dishes we keep coming back for.


Here’s to hoping you love these meals as much as we do! Our mouths were watering as we wrote this post…Who knew Raleigh could be this delicious? We’re definitely packing a punch in our little metropolis.