Phone Numbers

Burner app fuels a needed layer of privacy for consumers dealing online

Lori Philbin
Lori Philbin

Burner is a mobile application and service that’s on fire, enabling users to instantly create phone numbers as private lines for voice and SMS communications. Available for iPhone or Android devices, Burner can be used for transactions on classified sites, online dating, professionals like teachers and lawyers, and in many other situations where people want to protect their privacy.

Named one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Apps of 2013, Burner is fast, safe, and private. It lets smartphone users get as many numbers as they want and “burn” numbers whenever they’re finished using them.

Burner for iOS first came to market to rave reviews in the summer of 2012. The innovative service provided a welcome layer of anonymity for people who wanted a phone number they could share publicly and use for only a short period of time. The company soon followed its iOS release with an app built for Android and by late 2013, it was established as a top app in its category on each platform.

Over the last year, the startup has been among the top grossing apps in the utility category for both Android and iOS, bringing in a solid six figures in monthly revenue and millions on an annual basis.

In November, the company released a major update, Burner 3.0, adding photo messaging and bringing its design more in line with the way its customers have actually been using it. For more details, see this recent coverage in The Verge. What’s Bandwidth got to do with it? Check out our case study.