Customer Story: How CRM Perfect Storm tracks every buyer interaction with Bandwidth’s Messaging API

Caroline Sutton
Caroline Sutton
Customer Story - Tracking real estate buyer interactions with messaging APIs

Real estate website and CRM software Perfect Storm takes pride in capturing every meaningful interaction between realtors and home buyers. Jim Toner, Perfect Storm CTO knew their software would be incomplete and ineffective without being able to capture text conversations. “Five years or so ago, email was the only thing we were able to capture,” said Toner, “Automatic emails would send immediately, then over time drip communication emails took over. Then Bandwidth came into the picture making automated texting easily attainable— this was a perceived value at the time as a unique feature, but now it’s a must-have for our customers. From the get-go, we knew texting was a must-do.”

With the integration, Perfect Storm’s realtor customers are now able to see every buyer interaction outlined in an easy timeline. They can see what marketing tactics have been successful, make sure important meetings or deadlines aren’t missed, and easily keep clients up to date and on schedule. Realtors can also send marketing messages in more ways than just email— it’s opened up a whole new avenue for easy, fast communication.

The Perfect Storm team went into their search for a texting provider with a few absolute requirements – API being chief. Ability to onboard, get phone numbers quickly, and automate everything possible were the major components Perfect Storm needed to consider the feature a success. The second most important factor: a scalable cost structure. “When we compared Bandwidth to other API providers like Twilio, the pricing and ability to scale just didn’t match up,” said Toner.

Not only is Perfect Storm pleased with their texting functionality, their clients have been as well, with customers continuously singing the praises of easy trackability and marketing that the CRM provides. Have you used any next-level software apps lately? Share the love and sing their praises in the comments below!