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December product updates: order management, phone number inventory, and UC trunking detail reports


December 14, 2016


April 4, 2023

December Product Updates

The weather’s getting colder, we’ve started our holiday gift-wrapping, but that’s not the only wrapping that’s going on here at Bandwidth! We’ve wrapped-up several big updates this month, giving you easier access to real-time information, and maximum number insight.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve announced new billing reporting features in the Number Management Dashboard, and we’re pleased to announce that this month we’ve added even more reporting functionality on order management, phone number inventory, and Unified Communications order detail to help make number management just a bit more convenient.

All Number Management Dashboard customers now have access to a new suite of phone number reports under the ‘Reports Dashboard’ page. All reports are available for instant download in a CSV, PDF, or XLS file. Of course, as is the case with all functions in our portal, these reports can be automated via API. For more on the API, visit

Enough with the build-up, give me the details! Here’s the skinny on all the new reports now available:

Full Phone Number Details: A detailed list of all active phone numbers for an account or sub-account. For each phone number we also provide the vendor, ratecenter, state, LATA, order date, last modified date, sub-account (site ID), location (sip peer), forwarding number (if applicable), inbound caller ID status, outbound caller ID status, directory listing/assistance information, and SMS status.

Phone Number Inventory: A condensed version of the full detail report, showing active phone numbers only.

New Number Orders: Report on number orders over a given duration of time that can be filtered by order status (complete, partial, backordered).

Port-In Orders: Report of phone numbers that have ported-in over a given duration of time. Includes filters for Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date and order creation date.

Port-Out Orders: Report of phone numbers that have ported away over a given period of time.

User Information: Spoiler alert! We will be unveiling User Management capabilities in the near future (we’re working on it now). Once we complete that work, this report will allow you to view the status of users that have access to your account in the portal or API.

UC Account Summary: Designed for UC Trunking customers but applicable to all customers who use Locations. The report provides phone number quantity per location, as well as seats.

E911 Phone Number Details: Specific to UC Trunking customers today, this displays the emergency service address provisioned to phone numbers.