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Disconnect from the connected world at Thanksgiving


November 25, 2015


April 6, 2023


This Thanksgiving, as we all take time to see friends and family, those of us at Bandwidth are grateful for an environment that allows us to truly be in the moment. We won’t be working – or answering emails or work phone calls – and we hope you won’t be either. We hope you put down your phone, turn off your computer and disconnect from work, and even us, for a few days so that you can connect with the people who matter most to you.

We try not to take Bandwidth’s Whole Person Promise for granted, which means that Bandwidth wants to focus on our team in mind, body and spirit. While our minds are challenged at work with new projects and opportunities, our bodies are helped as we are encouraged to exercise daily. And it’s times and holidays like Thanksgiving when our spirit can be nourished. Sometimes the best thing about a job is when that job also lets you step away for a bit.

Our vacation embargo policy emphasizes that vacations are important and we agree, 100 percent. Time off with your family is a priority and should not be disrupted by work. In today’s connected world, one that we realize we help to connect, we must acknowledge there are times when you should take a step back from the dial tones and mouse clicks. When we know we shouldn’t be working, we hope you aren’t either.

Our wish for you as Thanksgiving approaches is that you too, try to disconnect from this hyper-connected world and return rejuvenated, and ready to handle whatever is coming your way. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!