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Do your homework: 5 key questions to ask before picking a SIP provider


October 28, 2016


April 6, 2023


Whenever it comes time for Apple to launch its latest iPhone, the masses collectively lose their mind in excitement. No matter the specs, the features, or potential bugs, consumers line up and down the block to be the first of their friends with the newest technology. The phone could look like a potato and it wouldn’t matter, as the assumption is the phone will work as desired.

In the enterprise telecommunications field, we do not have the luxury of blind faith in our products and services. When shopping for a new vendor, it is critical to do the homework, to ensure that any possible provider passes the litmus test for quality, ease of use, and overall value to the organization.

As a global provider of SIP trunks, through conversations with customers, we have seen firsthand all that can go wrong when hastily choosing a SIP vendor. But what exactly should business leaders look for in a SIP solution to guarantee a successful integration and use case?

The five things you must ask before you buy:

  • What is the speed of installation/change?
  • How extended is the coverage?
  • What management tools are offered?
  • How is the quality of service?
  • How broad is the interoperability with the communications equipment?

Read this guide for for more info and detail around the questions you should be asking