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Favorite Mac apps for 2016


January 26, 2016


March 28, 2023

Sticky notes - Favorite mac apps of 2016

These apps help me each day as I build content and help customers as a Developer Evangelist at Bandwidth.


Sweet application to show all the available hotkeys for an open window by holding the CMD(⌘) Button.



We here at Bandwidth recently switched to Slack from HipChat. I haven’t really found either one to be ‘better’ than the other. However, Slack has certainly encouraged more of us to ‘Send less email’ than HipChat ever did.

bw-bp-img-slack (2)

GiF Keyboard

Tired of /giphy messing up pretty much every gif in Slack? GIF Keyboard from Tenor offers similar functionality but lets you choose specific GIFs

Gif Keyboard revised


I really only use this for my Logitech Master MX. Pressing the thumb button and gliding the mouse right/left moves windows between my monitors.

bw-bp-img-sizeup (2)


Nice little program to clear out caches and free up some extra HDD space

bw-bp-img-macpaw (2)


GIFs are awesome… Embedded GIFs in READMEs / Blogs/ How-to Guides are fantastic. RecordIt makes it super easy to capture a selection of screen to create relevant gifs.

bw-bp-img-recordit (2)



Running servers locally can sometimes be a pain if your mac sleeps. Caffeine prevents that.


Apple just recently rolled in F.Lux functionality for iOS. F.Lux changes the display’s white balance to make your screen less harsh as the sun goes down.

bw-bp-img-flux (2)


Atom has slowly passed Sublime Text 3 as my preferred editor. I’ve found the plugin list is almost equivalent (for what I use).

bw-bp-img-text-editor (2)


No longer do I read every article, watch each video, or try each new app as I stumble across it. Instead, I like to use Pocket to keep track of interesting tidbits across the net and revisit at a more convenient time.

bw-bp-img-pocket (2)

Oh My Zsh

Oh My Zsh is a replacement terminal for Mac. Instead of using traditional bash, Oh My Zsh offers autocomplete, Git plugins, and other niceties when working from the terminal.

bw-bp-img-zsh (2)

Menu Meters for El Capitan

Simple addon that helps see CPU usage (among other things). Recently MenuMeters broke when I upgraded to El Capitan. This is a port/fix!

bw-bp-img-menumeters (2)

And that’s it for now. I’ll publish my favorite web-apps and mobile apps soon!