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Getting started with mobile and Bandwidth

Dan Tolbert
Dan Tolbert
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This is a quick tutorial on how to build and run the provided iOS SDK with Bandwidth. CLICK HERE to create an account!

Step 1: Launch the Sandbox Server

Bandwidth provides a sandbox server that enables endpoint registration for iOS/Android apps.

Step 2: Clone the iOS Repo

These steps assume that you have a working development environment for iOS (XCode 6.3). It also assumes that you have git installed. We’ll use XCode in this step. You can find the reference app for iOS here .

Pull the code down from the github repo to a local directory:

git clone

Step 3: Update the Config in Xcode and Run the App

  1. Start XCode
  2. Click File -> Open.
  3. Navigate to folder where the project was cloned and open the .xcodeproj file
  4. Open the config.swift file and change the ‘replace me’ string with the sandbox server url from Step 1

Step 4: Launch the App on the iPhone and Create a User

In this step, you simply use the app. Register a user. The app launches with the create user screen. Simple enter a unique user name and click Create User, then you can make and receive calls from the app.

Step 5: Done!

That’s all there is to it! Get started with Bandwidth here.