Happy Birthday to Dialed In!

Annie Steur
Annie Steur

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of Dialed In, the Bandwidth blog. When we launched the blog, our vision was to share insights into the culture at Bandwidth, helpful tips for the coding community, a peek at our products, and other cool tech news we found along the way.

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve built and wanted to share the Top Ten blogs from our inaugural year. We look forward to continuing to publish new pieces and welcome feedback in the comments for what you would like to see on Dialed In.

Making the Switch from GWT to AngularJS
A look at why our developers chose to make a move from using GWT to AngularJS in one of our internal tools, the Bandwidth Dashboard.

And she’s live! Introducing the new face of Bandwidth!
The inside story on the new face for the Bandwidth brand—a new company logo.

How Ansible Supercharged our Productivity
Use Ansible to increase productivity while reducing complexity and points of failure in the development process.

Why You Should Use YAML as YAML with Ansible
Software engineers need a consistent style in any configuration or code. Why one expert uses fully expanded YAML dictionaries everywhere now – and recommends that you try it, too.

The Bandwidth Internship
What really goes on in the day of an intern at Bandwidth? As the summer rounds out, we wanted to explain a little bit more about the Bandwidth internship and why it rocks.

Bandwidth Helps Online Daters Connect while Protecting Their Privacy
Bandwidth’s App Platform powers capabilities that add a layer of anonymity to online dating— while allowing singles to establish the deeper connections they desire.

How I Lunch
One amazing perk offered here at Bandwidth (if you chose to partake) is that you’re eligible for a 90 minute lunch break when you choose to exercise. Boom! How cool is that?

Top 5 Reasons Why Text Messaging is Gaining Popularity with CRM, Lead Generation & Customer Experience Software
What makes your product great? The best of breed companies have actionable, customer-centric data in their products.

Let’s Dockerize VoIP
Docker has potential to be a great enabler of innovation in telecommunications. It’s not just for the web. A lot of constraints typically placed on a VoIP platform can be alleviated so that engineers can focus on what they are building.

The Bandwidth Logo: Behind the Design
This new mark represents a Bandwidth that has continually evolved over the years—and will continue to iterate and change as its business and customers grow.