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Phone Numbers

How to take the TELECOM#%! out of telecom


January 19, 2016


September 11, 2023

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Put the Power of Software to Work for You

When was the last time you had to order new phone numbers? Chances are you’ve probably filled out a form, emailed it to the carrier, got an order confirmation, and then waited days for it to complete. Was it a satisfying experience for you? Probably not. If you’re not in the telecom business but rely on phone numbers as a part of your product offering, the telecom aspect of your work can be a real drag.

It is possible to take the TELECOM (insert expletives!) out of Telecom, and you can do it through software automation. If you or someone on your team is spending hours each day or week manually updating phone numbers in spreadsheets or contacting various carriers to process port requests, you don’t have much time left for innovation.

Software automation can take the place of submitting tickets, compiling spreadsheets and faxing requests (who still faxes?) to provision your services. Tired of waiting hours and sometimes days for status updates? There is a better way (and believe me, your customers will love you for it!).

At Bandwidth, we’ve automated every aspect of accessing our nationwide, all-IP network with software. Our easy-to-use APIs allow our customers to integrate all that software goodness right into their own tools—or they can use the Bandwidth Dashboard (and a few mouse clicks) to get quick access to ordering, porting and managing phone numbers.

Want to see how it works? Check out our Webinar for a quick demo. This software takes all the “ugly” out of telecom (and you can mark my words!). We’re talking unicorns and rainbows… just watch and see.