CPaaS, Voice

IT Briefcase exclusive interview: the evolution of voice as a service with Steve Leonard, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Bandwidth’s inetwork division


There is no doubt that modern technology has helped facilitate the rapid growth of the telecom industry. Telecom has redefined itself and taken on a presence that cannot be denied.

In the interview below, Steve Leonard outlines ways in which the telecom industry has transformed over the last decade, and the role that Voice as Service has played within this evolution.

Q. How do you see the telecom industry as having evolved over the past ten years?

A. The telecom industry has evolved rapidly with increased portability, mobility, advertising, competition, and regulation. The means by which customers are communicating and using phones and phone numbers are also continuing to shift as voice is becoming a ubiquitous component of daily digital interaction. Gone are the days of calling someone on a landline, to another landline, and not receiving any answer. This shift is also continuing to alter the traditional perception of the phone’s range of capabilities.

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