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January updates–messaging for everyone and new support notification options

Caroline Sutton Caroline Sutton
Caroline Sutton
January Product Updates

New year, new functionality– and we’ve got a lot to share with you this month! Read on to discover new ways to manage user roles and responsibilities, options for support notifications, and an all-new way to take advantage of our industry-leading messaging product.

Introducing Bandwidth Messaging Hub

We’re proud of our industry-leading messaging product– it’s wireless-grade, boasting all the same functionality any user might expect from the traditional mobile phone in their pocket, paired with our flexible API to make it ready for any software application integration you might be thinking up. Over the years, we’ve heard from quite a few companies that want to use Bandwidth as their messaging provider, but need the ability to keep voice and other number services in-house or with other providers. Owning phone numbers from a variety of different networks can be an important security measure, but building to different messaging APIs can be costly and difficult to maintain. Now, with Bandwidth Messaging Hub, service providers with a letter of authorization from the carrier recognized as number owner can aggregate messaging services on all of their local numbers—no matter where they may live— with Bandwidth. This update will allow you to build to a single industry-leading messaging API, while keeping voice or other services where they are.

We’re excited about the opportunities this product will bring to carriers, over-the-top messaging applications, and other communication-focused businesses. For more information on Messaging Hub, contact us at [email protected].

We’ve revamping our support notifications-say hello to

You’re sitting at home on a quiet night and “ping!” there’s a new email from Bandwidth. You dig out your phone, thinking surely this must be a matter of earth-shattering importance. “Hey, we’re experiencing network issues in Sioux Falls– thought you’d like to know!” But you’re thinking, “I don’t have service in Sioux Falls. This is annoying.” You’re right to be annoyed. That’s why we’re changing things up.

From now on, you’ll be notified only if your services are affected– and only if you want to be. As of February 1, we are overhauling our entire notification system to be more efficient and less intrusive. Choose what you want to know and how you’d like to find out.

  • Self-service sign-up—you get to be the boss of your communications preferences
  • Customized notifications—see only the services you use
  • Choose your notification method—email, SMS, webhook (API), or all three if you’d like
  • Access away from the office—mobile friendly website for easy access anywhere

To control your notifications, visit and select “Subscribe to Updates”. From there, you can customize your preferences. Be sure to take this important step by February 1 if you’d like to receive notifications about future incidents. Here’s to better communications!