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Phone Numbers

Now our communications API sign up process is super easy and convenient


August 12, 2016


April 6, 2023

Webform signup graphic

If you run a hosted software service, it’s likely you have the ability to have new users create an account. Recently, we conducted some user experience research to help revamp our own Communications API Platform user signup process. We learned we only had 8 seconds to make an impression which determined whether visitors left or converted to users. So, of course, we wanted to make trying our software simple, easy and user-friendly. In order to do so, we’ve made using your phone number a simple step in the signup process.

Have you ever thought about how long you’ve had the same phone number? My telephone number is part of my identity. My friends and family may not know it by heart anymore, but their phones do—and so does my doctor’s office, my kids’ school, etc. Because our numbers are so tightly tied to our identities, they are great tools for verifying people.

Another great way to convert your site viewers to users is to give them an EASY way to access your software. Therefore, we transitioned to a short form, two steps, and no email verification. That’s right! No more leaving the site just to login — but don’t take our word for it, give it a try!