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George Perry
George Perry
Schoolbus - ParentSquare - Connects schools and parents.

When I was a student in grade school (in the yonder days of longer than I want to talk about), communications between schools and parents were largely limited to pieces of paper that were sent home with me with an implicit trust that I would actually give it to my parents. I usually did, but let’s be honest — there were plenty of times that I didn’t want them to know what was going on, and that piece of paper got “lost”.

The times have changed; not only do schools need to send the usual permission slips, but they need to communicate with parents for fundraising, absences, emergencies, weather closings…the list goes on. Reaching parents can’t depend on a piece of paper sent home or a call to a home number that may not be answered, so schools have turned to connecting with parents on their mobile devices.

Getting in touch

While schools were getting away from notes sent home, challenges still loomed large; many modern parents preferred being contacted via SMS, not all parents were tech savvy or mobile connected leading to missed or delayed communications.

Schools needed a way to communicate with parents reliably. ParentSquare provides just these types of communications, but they needed a way to integrate voice notifications into their offering to help school districts communicate with every parent. On top of that, they needed a way to allow schools to use their active and established phone numbers to eliminate the confusion of notifications coming to parents via a new number they weren’t used to seeing.

ParentSquare turns to Bandwidth

To integrate voice into their Smart Alerts technology, ParentSquare partnered with Bandwidth, leveraging us to get everything they needed. Because we’re a nationwide carrier, we were able to work with ParentSquare to ensure that schools had the caller ID for their existing was displayed to parents.

Our Bandwidth XML programming language allowed for highly customized voice messages to be sent, including different languages and various if/then scenarios to ensure optimum delivery.

Image showing ParentSquare's dashboard

On top of that, leveraging our nationwide network, ParentSquare was able to facilitate the changing volume of messages a school district may be sending, ensuring delivery of a handful or a large volume of messages should the need arise. Bandwidth’s ability to scale up or down as needed gave ParentSquare the flexibility they needed to provide school districts the communications they required.

Schools and parents staying connected

Quick implementation of voice notifications into their Smart Alert technology allowed ParentSquare to grow their offering, continuing to change the way schools and teachers communicate.

“By working with Bandwidth for our voice calling, the communications process is quick and easy. For example, sending out a communication to remind parents in an entire school district about early dismissal can now be done in a matter of minutes — whereas with other providers it could take hours for all those messages to be transmitted.”

Anu Vaid, ParentSquare CEO.

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