Peace Out Malware and Fraud!


When you power 50 million active phone numbers, you have to be prepared to combat fraud and malicious attacks. We are working to stay two steps ahead and protect ourselves from abuse. To keep ourselves and our customers safe, we’re partnering with Whitepages Pro to deliver a new Number Intelligence API. Good News! We will be using it as part of our signup process and soon, you can use it too.

The Number Intelligence API shares information about people signing up for your service so signups that may be a red flag or associated with malicious activity can easily be filtered. In addition, you can identify line type (wireless, VoIP, etc.) and carrier (Sprint, Verizon, Bandwidth, etc.) down to the MVNO level. This info alone will be the key to making some important decisions.



Maybe you are seeing a majority of your suspicious activity coming from people using a particular VoIP service. With our API, you can run a quick check on each sign-up and route these signups to a sales or support person for additional screening or just block them altogether.

The Premium API gives you additional real-time information like White Pages Number Reputation, risk type, and risk category to filter your users even more granularly. It also gives the ability to filter based on the behavior of the numbers/user.  This data is not only updated in real time but also sourced by real users and trusted numbering authorities.

It’s no doubt that phone numbers are one of the most powerful tools in confirming a user’s identity. Using the Number Intelligence API in conjunction with 2 Factor Authentication over Toll-Free Numbers, allows you to simply and carefully identify your users without introducing manual processes or adding unneeded complexity to your signup process. That way, you’ll always be able to reach your customers in the most important phase of their buying journey — without putting your business at risk.