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Product of the year? Aww, shucks

Annie Steur Annie Steur
Annie Steur
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We love our jobs, but we also don’t mind when you like what we do, too.

Thanks for taking notice! Bandwidth was excited recently to find out that we had won a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for the Bandwidth Communications API Platform from TMC.

The Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award honors exceptional products and services that facilitate voice, data and video communications that were brought to market or greatly improved upon in the last twelve months.

So, what is the Bandwidth Communications API Platform and why do we (and others) think it’s so great?  Because Bandwidth is the only platform provider that owns and operates both a national all-IP carrier network and and has an integrated voice & messaging API platform.

Bandwidth’s Communications API Platform Provides easy access to:

  • Search & activate phone numbers for US, Canadian and toll-free numbers
  • Control inbound and outbound voice calls
  • Build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and voicemail systems with text to speech and the ability to play audio files and detect DTMF/IVR menus
  • Easily record and transcribe voice calls
  • Build conference calling applications
  • Send & receive SMS and MMS messages

Great companies like ProviderTech, BlueLight, Burner, and Lifechurch are using the Bandwidth Communications API Platform right now! We think you’ll like it, too.

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