Serving the OTT infrastructure


From Telecom Reveiw

The future of communicating to anyone, anywhere, over any platform is in software-based applications. supports over-the-top (OTT) communications customers who are driving this trend by offering their users a more compelling rich-media experience.

Take the folks at Pinger, the free texting and calling app, for example, or the people using our services to embed capabilities into popular platforms like LivingSocial and Uberconference. These are all Bandwidth customers.

In addition, they have a proven track record in helping OTT providers leverage telecom’s capabilities and also power leading developer platform providers like Twilio, Tropo, and Plivo.

If there is an app out there using voice or SMS, there’s a good chance Bandwidth’s helping behind the scenes.

With these credentials, Telecom Review felt it would be good to visit with Steve Leonard at Bandwidth to get his perspective on the marketplace.

In his role as EVP and General Manager, Steve Leonard is responsible for the strategy, operations, and ultimate P&L for the Bandwidth’s business (wholesale and enterprise) division.

Steve told us that Bandwidth is a registered CLEC in all states and provides DID services for OTT players around the country. Their customers include players from small to very large customers such as Google.

A Customer Case Study recently selected Bandwidth to provide voice network services in support of its hosted VoIPsuite of products. is a twenty-first-century phone company focused on the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs – providing cost-effective access to all the communications services needed to run their business.

With Bandwidth, gained ready-access to a nationwide network of local numbers using Service Management APIs to automate their inventory search and activation process.

For VoIP providers, Bandwidth provides full access to a purpose-built, fully integrated service management system by way of easy-to-use RESTful APIs – empowering customers to replace what would have otherwise been cumbersome, costly and time-consuming processes associated with acquiring and activating new customers.

As a result, was able to rapidly deploy its service with Bandwidth and can now deliver an even faster, higher-quality end-user experience to their customers.

“Bandwidth’s network size, combined with its flexible structure and quality management tools, makes them a great provider for us,” said Ari Rabban, CEO at

“We have the stability, flexibility, and ease-of-management we need to provide quality phone services that meet our customer’s needs.”

“For nimble and innovative providers like, automation and ease-of-management is everything,” said Steve.

“We’re pleased that is able to leverage our leading network and automation tools to help them be even more agile.”

Bandwidth’s network powers voice, 911, and SMS services for many of the country’s largest, most recognizable brands such as Google, Skype, and Windstream.

Bandwidth customers benefit from being able to choose between three unique technology platforms to access the company’s network and services, covering everyone from established communication providers running their own data centers and VoIP networks, all the way to the next generation app developers looking for cloud-based services to scale their business with.

Regardless of the platform used, Bandwidth provides customers instant access to a truly national footprint of phone numbers and coverage areas, allowing customers to search for and provision thousands of numbers in a matter of seconds.