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TADHack Raleigh 2015–join us!

Annie Steur
Annie Steur

Do you have the next hot app that involves communicating?  Then check out this video and come join Bandwidth for TADHack Raleigh, part of a global telecom hackathon this month.

TADHack will be held in 12 cities around the globe on June 13-14.  We’re hosting the Raleigh location at Bandwidth.

Participants will get exclusive access to development platforms for Voice Calling, WebRTC, Mobile VoIP for iOS and Android, SMS and MMS Messaging, E911, SIP and Dynamic Calling Routing.

Prizes include a $1000 team prize, Apple watch, Oculus Rift development kit and drones!

Come, code, share, compete and have fun. Get mentoring from Bandwidth API platform developers and product managers, network with other developers and Bandwidth customers who have built some of today’s most innovative products. Showcase your creation and win the top prize or several category specific prizes, and complete for the global awards against teams from around the world.

We already have lots of exciting teams on board. Hope to see you there!