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The Bandwidth advantage: why it pays to own the network

Caroline Sutton Caroline Sutton
Caroline Sutton
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Working with a major carrier for your voice, messaging, and 911 APIs comes with some serious benefits. Check out some of the advantages to working with Bandwidth that benefit companies of all sizes– from the newest up and coming applications to the true Internet giants.

  • Quality and Deliverability When it Matters – When it comes to hearing every single word in a conversation, and your text messages being delivered immediately, it all comes down to the quality of the underlying network. An unpredictable, congested VoIP network can lead to poor audio and a delay in text message delivery. Having choice and control over the actual quality of the calling and routing experience gives our users the ultimate flexibility in cost vs. quality.
  • Direct to Carrier Cost Savings – Typical CPaaS providers work with network resellers or carriers like us to provide the actual phone and messaging service to their customers behind the API interface. By skipping the “middleman” (and in some cases, “middlemen”) and working with us, you’ll find savings of around 30-60% on average compared to competitors.
  • Network Availability and Support You Can Depend On– Owning the network allows us to have more granular controls to influence resiliency and network availability. Our support team’s first response time is, on average, less than an hour– other CPaaS providers need to work with carriers like us to deliver timely support notifications. We have the advantage of in-house knowledge and availability at critical times. As you scale and grow with us, we also have the capability to integrate our support centers, change management procedures, and incident management policies directly with yours.
  • Easily Diagnose Issues — No Support “Black Holes” – With other providers, support issues can fall into a “black hole” where you never receive the comfort of root cause issues, or a timely follow-up. Our software and network teams are always on stand-by, ready to troubleshoot end-user issues– and since we own the network, we’re able to give you more details fast. Looking for additional information quickly? We have call detail records (CDRs) within your own Bandwidth dashboard, as well as messaging and billing detail records for information at your fingertips.