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The Bandwidth playground

Deirdre Clarke Deirdre Clarke
Deirdre Clarke
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When you were growing up, how cool was it to play with a brand new toy? Didn’t you like the excitement of unwrapping it from the packaging and discovering everything that it could do? Well, at Bandwidth we are excited about announcing a new program that will allow you to do just that with our new software product concepts.

At Bandwidth, we are sharply focused on creating the software that helps make communicating easier, now and in the future We are launching a new labs program in which we will be soliciting your feedback on new product ideas that we are thinking about. Sure, there are times when us product people think we just know what you, our customers, want. But the truth is that really only you can tell us how hard it is to perform a business task, or how frustrated you become with the way things currently exist. Only you can let us know that our proposed solution really hits the mark and will make your life a whole lot easier or that is way off target. That is why we can’t wait to get started.

To kick off our Bandwidth Labs Beta program, we will be spotlighting 2 of our newest concepts, Mobile Client and Route Intelligence.

Are your business VoIP customers looking for one simple app that will allow their users to call and send SMS/MMS messages? Bandwidth’s new Mobile Client  is a white label soft client solution that keeps all communication in sync on all devices (iOS, Android and the web). Imagine the user starting a conversation on one device, such as their desk computer, to then step out of office, and seamlessly continue that same conversation on their mobile phone. The Mobile Client also frees the user from needing to carry multiple phones in their pocket as all communication can be easily managed in the software.

Are you looking for ways to increase your uptime with support of multiple networks? Would you like a way to automate the flurry of rate decks associated with those carriers, so that you always choose the lowest cost route? Well, now you can. With a simple to use portal, you can easily upload the rate decks and let the software intelligently decide which route to take, each and every time with our Route Intelligence.