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The developer’s and designer’s mixtape

Jordan Lem Jordan Lem
Jordan Lem
Illustrations of audio cassette tape

Step inside the world of Bandwidth, AND the world of our designers and developers. What you listen to can set the scene for your entire day, and in our case, your work. Check out what’s flowing out of the buds of our awesome designers and developers at Bandwidth:

Kelsey Hughes, Graphic Designer

Shaade Oliveros Tavares, UX Designer

Roger Mansfield, Software Engineer

Shaun Sutherland, UX Designer

Daniel Tolbert, Developer Evangelist

Ben Harris, Interactive Brand Director

Sombat Southivorarat, Unicorn

Grant Forrest, Software Developer

Ady Dave, Project Manager

Nicko Guyer, Software Developer

To listen to the entire playlist, click here!