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The top 5 things about working with a North Carolina company (in March)

Annie Steur Annie Steur
Annie Steur
3 people wearing sports attire

I’m a marketing consultant, and that means I have worked with companies in many states, and each has their benefits.  I’m also a basketball fan.  And when you’re a basketball fan, there is nothing better than working with a North Carolina company during March.

 I started working with Bandwidth last summer, and hadn’t really thought about the beauty of their Raleigh, NC headquarters until last week.  This is a company in a region with three local teams that have now made it to the Sweet 16.  What?  Anyone who loves basketball has to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of that.

1. Everyone Loves Basketball.

I live in Alabama.  During football season, everyone has a horse in the race.  But during basketball season… Well, that’s not the state sport.  Being a committed Wake Forest fan, despite recent win-challenged seasons, I didn’t have a community that latched onto March Madness the way my family does.  Enter NC clients.  THAT LOVE BASKETBALL.

2. Company Bracket Challenge

No one wants to open the first email of Monday.  But last week, when I checked my email after waking up Monday morning, the first email was about the Bandwidth company bracket.  Details, Rules, Prizes, Trash talk.  Three local teams in the dance.  These are my people.

3. Haters

Ok, they may not be haters.  But the bracket challenge discouraged participants from selecting Duke as the overall winner.  MADE. MY. DAY.  David Morken, the CEO, is a UNC fan, so it’s probably ill-advised for me to admit what I think would have been even better.

4. The Company Cornhole Dance

So, Bandwidth doesn’t just stop as a company bracket.  They have their own tournament. A cornhole tournament.  (Because you need something to do – and compete over – in the rare minutes that basketball isn’t on.)  64 employee teams trying to survive multiple rounds of cornhole.  And from what I can tell, they take it very seriously.  Crazy uniforms, and bragging rights that last a year – or longer.

Cornhole image 3 Blog 51

5. Rivalries

Seriously, three local teams in the dance.  Plus the rest of us.  Even the transplants from other parts of the country can cheer for their team or adopt a local team.  It’s not one game.  Or two.  It’s a month of games, emails, cheer, jeers and everyone is in on the fun.  March Madness may be one of the only month-long holidays.  And if you spend time with people who observe it, it’s the best.


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