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#WellnessWednesday: making quick, healthy meals at work

Elysia Cadorniga Elysia Cadorniga
Elysia Cadorniga
Plate of healthy food

Nine o’clock on the dot – you get your first cup of coffee while pawing through emails and setting goals for the morning. By the time you have finished correspondence, jumped on your first conference call of the day and had your third cup of coffee, it’s lunchtime!

Corporate America leaves little room for “me-time.” Your lunch break always feels too short and if you aren’t packing your own meal, you’re spending money on a combo at Burger King (not to mention that’s your entire calorie intake for the day).

Meanwhile, on the Bandwidth marketing team, we have come up with a few meals that are quick, easy and relatively healthy. Not only have we perfected some personal favorites, we are saving money along the way by buying the ingredients together and storing them at work!

On Instagram, we featured our first meal- Caprese chicken, side salad with spinach and cranberries and an egg for additional protein. As teammates we made the meals totaling to about 6 bucks a piece (with plenty left over for the rest of the week).  


Here’s how we made this “gourmet” meal for two in the office break room:

Ingredients: A salad kit, 1 Tomato, 1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese, a sprinkle of parsley, 2 cups of chicken, 2 boiled eggs along with your favorite berries and dressing!

Step 1: We knew we didn’t have all the time in the world to cook and grill chicken at work so we purchased it pre-cooked and pre-seasoned with no added preservatives! We put the chicken in a bowl and microwaved for 4 minutes.

Step 2: While our chicken warmed up we sliced a tomato and added our lettuce to the plate.

Step 3: Next, we removed our chicken strips from the bowl and placed them close together on our plates. Then, we added the shredded mozzarella cheese to the bowl for a 25 second microwave.

Step 4: As the cheese melted, we placed our tomatoes atop our chicken strips then removed the cheese from the microwave. After a quick stir, we had the perfect layer of cheese and sprinkled our parsley leaves on top (grocery store was out of basil). VOILA! We had our chicken caprese!

Step 5: Next, we put our salad kit together, sprinkling on all of our favorite ingredients (Shredded parmesan cheese and cranberries) lightly coated with Ginger Vinaigrette Dressing.

Step 6: Lastly, we added in our final touch of protein (and a great snack), 1 sliced boiled egg.

And that’s how we upgraded our meals from 2 star to 5 star in a matter of minutes. There will be more meals to come, just make sure to check us out on Bandwidth’s instagram!

Buen Provecho!