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#WellnessWednesday: my yoga journey

Britney Montgomery Britney Montgomery
Britney Montgomery
two woman doing a yoga pose together

(Brace yourself for a wild ride)

My Yoga Journey started in 2010 while studying at Georgetown; I noticed out of nowhere I had a shortness of breath. Three days passed and breathing became more difficult. I did not have much free time and said to myself “Okay, this is getting annoying.  I’ll take my mom’s advice and walk to the hospital (located on campus) and see what the issue is.” In my head I said “Is it possible I can just get some oxygen to go? I have term paper due tomorrow” lol.  Hours later, the doctor then gave me the very difficult diagnosis. He informed me that a blood clot, which started in my leg then split into two, causing a severe bilateral pulmonary embolism. He then said I was very lucky to be alive and most people with this type of blood clot usually die within 30-60 minutes – I had waited three days.

At that moment I just began praying. Waiting those three days, ignoring my shortness of breath, I did lasting damage to my lungs.  

In addition to medication, my physician recommended yoga.

During the next 9 months, I essentially lived in a bubble.  I was faced with rebuilding my lungs and that is when I attended my first yoga class. In the beginning, yoga was very difficult, as it is for many.  The focus on the breath and alignment of the poses I knew, but for more reasons than one I had quite a journey ahead of me. I will never forget the feeling I had leaving yoga. Every time I finished a yoga class I felt like superwoman walking back to my car, saying to myself “World, BRING IT ON!!!”

Six years later and my “yoga high” has not ceased. The early days of my yoga journey was the first time in my life where I slowed down and focused on myself. Being extremely type A, I had fallen in love with being busy. I had a goal of graduating with honors with a dual degree and 4 internships under my belt.

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I always tell my friends, you really learn what faith is when that is all you have to depend on. My diagnosis was a major reality check for me. I realized if it had been my time to go, what would I have to show for it other than overworking myself? I then realized how important it was to serve and love the work you do, but also never take your health for granted.

Yoga is the practice that you never really master. Yoga has consistently provided me peace. The hardest part is making it a priority to get on your mat, but once you do, everything from that day – the stresses, the pressure, distractions – it disappears. Yoga isn’t competitive: you are encouraged to honor your body and focus within yourself for peace and guidance.

Fast forward a couple of years.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine working at such an amazing company. I have never believed in a company more than I do Bandwidth. The leadership and the people are such a joy to be around. I am not only empowered to follow my passion in fraud and mitigate risks within the company; but am also provided with the opportunity to maintain a healthy, balanced life.  Our mission is built on the “whole person” (Mind, Body and Spirit) and I have the ability to participate in a variety of yoga/ fitness classes that Bandwidth offers.


While the focus on health and fitness is common among companies, it is not necessarily encouraged, especially during the work day. I am eternally grateful for the overall package Bandwidth offers. From the ability to speak with a nutritionist, work out during lunch, serve my community and participate in meaningful challenges for additional PTO days, I am proud to serve as an ambassador for Bandwidth (Republic Wireless) and be a part of a mission that I truly, truly believe in. Bandwidth, you have set a high bar.

Take time for yourself, follow your passion and regardless of the circumstance always strive to be your best WHOLE self. Serve your work & Serve others.

Namaste”-The light in me honors the light in you

Britney M. Montgomery

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