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We’ve Improved our dashboard features

Matt Ruehlen Matt Ruehlen
Matt Ruehlen
New Features

We have a lot going on with the Bandwidth Dashboard and our Communications APIs. We are excited to share some of the new enhancements our customers can expect to see in the short term. Having 5 development teams working on the platform, with weekly software releases, allows us to continue to provide you  with new functionality. Ultimately, this makes it easier for our customers to manage their business.

User Management

By late September, you will have the ability to manage log in credentials for your team. You’ll be able to establish permission sets per user, as well as, add, remove and modify logins without having to open a support ticket. With this advancement, customers can also set permissions/roles specific to the user type, rather than a “one size fits all’ solution.

For example, read-only roles can be assigned to employees that simply need to view information but don’t need to make changes. The end result: added security around your account management with full control over who can access your account, and the scope to which they can manage it.

Billing Reporting

You may have already noticed that there’s a new “Billing Detail Records” section in the Bandwidth Dashboard! This section will provide access to a host of billing reports: MDRs (Messaging Detail Records), statement BDRs and PDF Invoices. Statement BDRs are rated call detail records that clearly show all call records related to the monthly invoice.

Messaging Provisioning

By October, you will have more options with messaging provisioning. With the ability to update the SMPP bind information settings, (SMPP bind information) directly in the Dashboard, available for our customers. Our goal is to ensure customers have more direct control through self-service features save time by onboarding faster.

Phone Number Reporting

This month we expect to offer our customers access to CSV reports on phone numbers that range from active inventory to ordering, porting disconnect activity, and other attributes per line (caller ID, DL/DA, messaging, tier). As a result, customers can get reports on all active history and enabled features of phone numbers they have with us.

Thank you for your valuable business and your feedback, as it enables us to continue to invest in making our portal and Communications APIs the industry leader.