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What can you do with the Bandwidth communications APIs?


November 2, 2016


June 28, 2023

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Bandwidth’s APIs help you offer an enterprise-grade communications experience that you can depend on. Whether it’s a critical sales call with the CEO of a target company, a text message to your insurance agent with a picture of the damage to your car after an accident, or a 911 call for help, we can help with all of life’s most important communications. Learn a bit about how you can put our robust APIs to work for you.

Messaging: We’re proud to offer a texting experience that’s enterprise-grade in flexibility and features for business users– it’s not a stretch to say that we’re leaders in this area providing a true like-for-like wireless experience from an API. Besides sending and receiving simple text and picture messages, our users’ applications are getting smarter, more productive, and more effective. Track conversations between your sales team and prospects for easy future reference, or reschedule an appointment toggling between texts and calls. We can work with you whether you have a team of developers who expect a custom experience, or if you’re a smaller shop with no in-house development we can deliver an easy and fast spin-up via one of our pre-built apps.

Voice: Besides the basics like making and receiving calls, Bandwidth’s Voice APIs provide you with the ability to have full call control to maximize quality and compliance. Our APIs allow you to offer click-to-call from virtually any device or application, quickly and easily. Track the success of campaigns, and analyze sales trends with multiple numbers and call detail records. Equip your call center with more customer intelligence to maximize employee productivity by embedding the API within your application or CRM. Give your sales team a heads up when a VIP prospect is calling, and a complete history at their fingertips—all possible with Bandwidth’s Voice APIs.

Marketing analytics platform WhatConverts saved money and time when they switched to  Bandwidth’s Voice API for their call tracking needs.

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911 Access: Bandwidth’s  911 APIs allow you to provide 911 support when your end-users really need it, wherever they are in the country. We route calls to the correct PSAP (public safety answering point) based on real-time X,Y coordinates of the caller’s location. What about the constant changes as people move around and change their addresses? We make that easy too by ensuring that your address changes are validated prior to uploading them into the national ALI database.  

Purple, the nation’s leading phone service for deaf or hard of hearing individuals, selected Bandwidth’s 911 API to help them meet new FCC mandates.

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Phone Number Porting: For businesses, maintaining a phone number is critical to the sales, marketing and customer experience. When you ‘win’ business from another provider, your customer isn’t going to want to start over with a brand new phone number. Bandwidth’s industry-leading porting API makes it as easy and quick for you as possible. We’ve built an automated system to make porting over a group of numbers painless and worry-free while providing you with real-time updates along the way. We’re fast too– a typical wireless number port can take up to 4 weeks with our competitors — we’re able to bulk port hundreds of wireless numbers in as fast as 24 hours. uses our Porting API to help deliver their ultimate business phone experience.

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Bandwidth stands out by giving you control over how your calls are handled and managed, full-featured text messaging, and industry-leading number porting capabilities. We’ve also thought about your developers, by providing them with resources like sample apps and SDKs in multiple development languages, along with a full set of API documentation to help you get started with your trial account quickly and easily.

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