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Why retailers should be using SMS

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George Perry
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We’re in the middle of the holiday shopping season, which means retailers are doing everything they can to get shoppers to spend money with them. While the end of the holiday shopping season is only a few weeks away, there are plenty of reasons for retailers to get started using SMS now to ensure they’re not only ready for next holiday season, but for all the shopping that happens during the other 10 months out of the year.

Customer Service

We’ll set aside some of the obvious ways to use SMS as a retailer for a minute, and look at something that often gets overlooked—using SMS for customer service. We’ve talked in the past about enterprise contact centers using toll-free SMS to answer customer service inquiries, but even smaller retailers can text-enable their local landlines to answer customer questions, providing a better customer experience that lets shoppers know they’re talking to someone at their local store.

Scheduling Services

Not every message has to be a special or a sales offer. Companies like Mattress Firm are using SMS to connect with customers regarding deliveries, while companies like Sears use SMS to communicate with their internal repair teams. Both are a great way to make sure someone will be there for the delivery or repair person.


A lot of places are already letting you get your receipts sent to your email (which is great; go paperless!), but some are allowing you to have that same receipt sent to you via SMS. This is a great option since it not only cuts down on paper, but provides a digital footprint to find receipts should a customer need to return or exchange that sweater they bought.


Sending coupons directly to your customers via SMS helps make you top of their mind and doesn’t require them to download a loyalty app. With a better than 90% open rate, SMS is a great way to share a limited time coupon with customers that can help drive them to your store.

Sales Alerts

Much like a coupon, sending alerts about upcoming sales to SMS is a great way to ensure they get paid attention to. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not great about checking out the alerts the Wayfair app sends me (sorry Wayfair), but it’s not too often I ignore a text message. Whether it’s upcoming sales, limited time flash deals, or something else, SMS is the perfect channel for anything that’s urgent.

Connect with your Customers

Whatever your use case (and there are others), SMS presents a great opportunity for retailers to connect with their customers on the channel they prefer. Ready to find out how Bandwidth can help your business connect with your customers? Talk to one of our experts to learn more today.

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