Frequently Asked Questions

Porting Timelines

  • Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) is valid for 10 business days (2 weeks) with the first day being the date of FOC. If you fail to activate your TN(s)within the 10 day FOC window, your LSR will fail and you must submit a new order.
  • Bandwidth does not provide manual concurrence unless a TN is out of service for first responders or medical facilities. Please create your subscriptions prior to the assigned FOC date and we will auto-concur 6 hours after the subscriptions are built (if your company also supports medium timers).

What is the difference in Failed and Exception?

  • Failed means that the order is terminal and the order is considered dead. This means that the order cannot be manipulated in any way and a new order must be placed if the jeopardy is resolved.
  • Exception is a non-terminal state which means the order can be supped.

Can I request a CSR?

Bandwidth is a wholesaler so our customers (resellers) have end user information on file, but Bandwidth does not have access to this information. For this reason, Bandwidth is unable to provide CSRs. The end user will need to reach out to their current service provider to obtain necessary porting details.

I’ve got FOC, can I activate now?

We do not provide early concurrence so if you’d like to activate an order early, please go into the order (hit the Edit button at the top) and Supply the requested date. You can also do the same to push the date out. Once you receive FOC, please be sure your subscriptions are built with enough time for the timers to expire.

What does this rejection mean?

  • 17008: One or more of the numbers submitted already has a pending FOC date. Any changes to this existing port must be submitted as a supplemental port. TNs found with a pending FOC Date: TN: [XXXXXXXXXX], PON: [XXXXXXXXXXXXX], FOC Date: [01/13/2030]
    • This rejection means there is already a pending order processing for this TN. It could be an order another carrier submitted, or a previous order that was not cancelled/worked by your company. Searching by TN in the dashboard portal will help you see all orders your company has submitted for a specific TN so you can avoid submitting duplicate PONs. If you receive this rejection, you’ll need to work off the previous PON to clear the rejection, or the customer will need to cancel their order with the other carrier, depending on who submitted the previous order.
  • 7517: Too many Telephone numbers in this request
    • Some of our customers require each TN to be submitted on its own port request. If you get this rejection, submit a separate request for each TN on new PONs.
  • 7521: The TN you are requesting to port could require manual handling. An LNP agent will manually update your LSR order within 24 hours. If you have not received an updated response in your order, please email us at for more information.
    • Please email us as soon as you see this rejection. We have to manually validate the order details with the customer and will not be alerted of this until you send an email.

The portal says I’m not authorized to view a port. What now?

Make sure you’re searching by ‘LSR’ instead of ‘Port’ when you search orders. If you still cannot view an order, email and an agent will assist you.

I’m seeing a result in the web portal that I’m not expecting, and/or believe an error occurred:

After verifying you’re using a supported browser and have cleared your cache (control + F5 on a PC), please send a screenshot of the error to Please also feel free to use the escalation process (starting at level 1) if it impacts your ability to submit an LSR.

What is the maximum number of TNs I can port?

The portal can support up to 999 TNs. For a quantity in excess, please email with subject line: Project Port Out.

How can I dispute a rejection?

Email and an agent will assist you.

How are LSR versions tracked, and what does ‘PON Version’ mean?

The PON Version is a signifier of how many orders have been placed with the same PON. For example, you could submit PON “abc123” with 50 numbers, then on a separate LSR order use this same PON “abc123” with a different 50 numbers and the two separate orders would be version 1 and version 2, respectively. This would allow both orders to appear when you search for the PON in the ‘Search LSR Order’ page.

How do you remove a TN from the LSR request?

To change the number(s) on an LSR, you must cancel and resubmit the order with the correct TN(s).

Where do we send feedback and feature requests?

Please direct all feature requests, as well as additional questions, concerns and feedback to

Why has no one responded to my notes in the portal?

We do not actively monitor port outs and LSRs—they flow through an automated system so if you need us to look at a specific order, please email and include any relevant information. We no longer offer phone support for carriers so email is the best way to reach us.

Non-Working/Disconnected Telephone Numbers

Only working and assigned telephone numbers will be ported out. If a number is disconnected or in our inventory pool, the end user will need to contact their service provider to reinstate the TN to be portable.