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Fusion needed FCC-compliant E911 for its unique government and military customer base

Fusion looks for a partner to aid them with their unique customers’ E911 needs

Fusion needed a partner to deliver FCC-compliant E911 for VoIP. Dissatisfied with other alternatives, they needed a provider interested in and able to work with them to support 911 for their unique customer base.

Bandwidth provides E911 expertise

Bandwidth’s purpose-built emergency network is FCC compliant for Basic, Enhanced, and Next Generation 911 functionality. Because Bandwidth closely monitors potential FCC regulations years before they are enacted, Bandwidth was primed and ready to help. Bandwidth provided a comprehensive solution for E911 including call routing, real-time address validation, and back office tools built on a single platform for ease of provisioning and support.

Bandwidth enables Fusion to provide service for existing customers, and easily add new ones

With Bandwidth, Fusion was able to provide nationwide E911 services as well as specific, customized solutions for remote, overseas facilities. This included seamless support and emergency services delivered to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, where Fusion is their primary lifeline.

“Bandwidth has been at the forefront of 911 for years. Choosing them was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. Their technology and service is unparalleled and their team is fast, responsive, and flexible.”

—Robyn Smith VP, Service Operations, Fusion Communications

Bandwidth also augmented existing processes to accommodate Fusion provisioning cycles, ensuring accurate and timely provisioning of new customers. This included new reporting and new bulk import tools, which resulted in faster customer implementations.

Rely on the experts

Bandwidth’s experts help companies like Fusion with custom E911 solutions every day. If your business needs help with 911, get in touch with the company with more than 20 years experience helping companies solve for 911.

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