“We didn’t need much hand holding to migrate. It just worked and fell into place. Everything went as well as it could have.”
Tony La
CTO, Honk
Customer Story

Honk makes finding and paying for parking easy

Parking your car can be a hassle — finding a spot, paying for it, running back to the meter to avoid a ticket (or worse,  towing!). 

Honk understood these all-too-common pains, and decided it was time for a better way — one that makes it easy to find, pay for, and renew a parking spot without worrying about carrying coins and out-running the meter maid.

Parking in the digital age

The days of needing to feed coins into the meter are, thankfully, going away. That doesn’t mean we no longer have to pay for parking (parking operators gotta eat after all!). Luckily, Honk has come up with a solution to alleviate the pain involved with finding and paying for parking.

To start, the Honk app allows users to find the perfect parking spot right from their mobile device. Not only can drivers pay for parking on the spot, in the lot; but drivers can also reserve a space ahead of time, guaranteeing that perfect spot before leaving home. Say goodbye to circling the block!

Drivers simply pay using the Honk app or at a Honk kiosk which accepts all major forms of payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, and PayPal).

No more overstaying your welcome

What happens when your lunch, dinner, appointment, or meeting runs long and you need to extend your parking session? Honk takes care of that too, leveraging Bandwidth’s Toll-Free SMS API to automatically send users notifications 15 minutes before their time expires, giving them the option to add more time remotely.

Making it easy to manage parking

Honk isn’t just making the lives of drivers easier, it’s also improving the management of parking operations. Cities and municipalities across the US and Canada, private lot owners, colleges & universities are all turning to Honk to help manage their parking operations.

Whether going fully or partially digital, Honk is enabling lot owners to realize a better ROI on their parking operations, and in turn, is creating happier drivers through the use of the Honk app and Bandwidth messaging.

Getting messages delivered when it matters most

Honk’s popularity with drivers and lot owners hinges not just on the ability to easily find and pay for parking, but also in the ability to continue paying when a trip takes longer than anticipated. Honk understands the importance of notifications that users will notice; so they turned to SMS.

While Honk had a previous SMS provider, some local numbers were getting blocked by carriers, resulting in inconsistent message delivery.

“Bandwidth’s Toll-free Messaging is recognized as A2P by the major wireless carriers, which helped us see improved deliverability rates compared to our previous provider.”

Tony La, CTO, Honk

Bandwidth worked with Honk to migrate their messaging to Bandwidth’s Toll-Free SMS API, enabling them to send timely notifications at volume to notify users that their parking was set to expire with consistent delivery.

Honk’s move to Bandwidth was made easier thanks to Bandwidth’s APIs.

“We didn’t need much hand holding (to migrate),” said Tony La, Honk CTO. “It just worked and fell into place. Everything went as well as it could have.”

Savings and reliability

Honk’s move to Bandwidth didn’t just provide them with reliable messaging, it also provided them with cost-effective savings. By moving to Bandwidth Toll-Free SMS, Honk was able to cut down their messaging costs by 30% from their previous provider.

“We really appreciated the Bandwidth commitment to get us up and running fast. You were prepared to scale with us as we grew our business,” added Tony.

Move to a reliable messaging partner

Honk is just one example of businesses using Bandwidth’s messaging platform to improve their message deliverability and reliability while also saving money.

Want to find out how Bandwidth can help your business do the same? Get in touch and see what Bandwidth can do to improve your messaging strategy.

Honk makes paying simpler and safer for both operators and consumers with innovative technology that allows you to pay with a single touch, and without hardware.

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