"Bandwidth’s network, plus their hands on support, help us guarantee that our customers’ calls and texts go through, every time.”
Erol Toker
CEO & Founder, Truly
Customer Story

Truly turns smartphones into reliable business phones

Enterprises using Truly’s technology benefit from business voice features, carrier-grade service, and enhanced mobility while reducing on-premise hardware costs by as much as 100x compared to traditional business phone providers. Installation is simple, with users downloading an app onto any iOS or Android device, signing in with their business account, and benefiting from enhanced native calling capabilities.

A network that wasn’t up to the task

With a growing user base and fresh round of funding in late 2014, Truly determined that its then-current communications API provider lacked the network quality and reliability needed to serve its rapidly growing customer base.

As an enterprise-grade phone system trying to obtain new users, it needed to deliver a nearly flawless degree of call reliability and quality. However during its testing process with a prospective customer, Truly found that it was not able to obtain a high percentage of connected calls with major wireless carriers using its legacy providers.

Bandwidth partners with Truly for better service delivery

The Truly team decided to look for a communications platform provider that could deliver a higher level of consistency. They soon arrived at Bandwidth. Truly quickly integrated Bandwidth’s network and platforms and was on its way to creating a higher quality calling and texting experience for its business users.

The Truly team was impressed with Bandwidth’s direct-to-carrier APIs, allowing access to seamless voice and messaging while allowing them to cut out the middleman.

“Delivering the highest quality, enterprise-grade phone service on the market is our top priority. Bandwidth’s network, plus their hands on support, help us guarantee that our customers’ calls and texts go through, every time.”

– Erol Toker CEO and Founder, Truly

Superior quality, improved message delivery, and more satisfied customers

Bandwidth’s network equipped the Truly team with voice and texting technology it could trust, improving its delivery rate to close to 100 percent. The design of the enterprise-grade platform resulted in a higher quality call experience for their customers and delivered in a cost-effective fashion that helped the company continue to improve its market position.

“As an enterprise product, our customers rank call quality and reliability as their most important criteria for choosing their voice provider; it’s not something they’re willing to sacrifice at any cost,” said Erol Toker, CEO and Founder of Truly. “To provide that level of service, you can’t build on top of providers who monetize cheap routes. You need to get as close to bare metal as you can. Bandwidth is uniquely positioned to offer this level of access because of its incredible network. This made them the perfect partner.”

Get reliable, high-quality voice calling

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Truly was the first business voice platform built for the 3G/4G wireless network, transforming any smartphone with a cellular connection into an enterprise-ready business communications device.

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