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Scaling omnichannel experiences made easy in 60+ countries

Drive seamless omnichannel customer journeys at global scale with a powerful communications platform, backed by a carrier-grade global network.

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Been there, built that – with APIs and a global network

Build apps that send messages, make calls, and even save lives, without having to manage any clunky telecom infrastructure—all built on and powered by our CPaaS and our own tier-1 carrier network (yep, even the phone numbers are ours!).

Voice API Icon

Voice API

Quickly integrate voice calling into your application using the power of code.

Messaging API Icon

Messaging API

Bandwidth messaging APIs let you build SMS, MMS, and Toll-Free Texting into products and applications.

Emergency Calling API Icon

Emergency Calling API

Connect users to the help they need with reliable access to our purpose-built 911 network—all via API.

Video API Icon

Video API

Easily start video calls from your platform UI to connect face-to-face no matter where your users are.

WebRTC Calling API Icon

WebRTC Calling API

Bring life to your virtual experiences with in-browser voice calling and video using our easy-to-integrate APIs.

Authentication API Icon

Authentication API

Match simplicity with security using our sophisticated and cost-efficient multi-factor authentication API.

Enterprise-grade CPaaS—
stand out from the crowd with us

Explore how Bandwidth puts you in the sweet spot of quality and ease of management, helping you go live quickly, scale with cost savings, and deepen your customer relationships in real-time.

One provider for everything global

Scale globally and eliminate complexity with a single partner who can give you communications access in over 60 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s economy.


Simplified pricing and billing

Get far greater control over your communications costs with our custom pricing tailored to your needs. You are partnering with a network operator, which cuts out the middleman.

Always-on human support

Feel supported 24/7/365 days a year at no extra cost, with real people on call whenever you need them. Just like our platform, our service is universal.

Near real-time insights for quality control

Get actionable, carrier-exclusive insights into your network usage and stop guessing about what’s happening with your communications.

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“No other provider offered the same level of hands-on support or cost savings that Bandwidth has been able to deliver. Their flexible APIs made it simple for us to get up and running without missing a beat.”


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require ‘bandwidth_messaging’ include Bandwidth

Messaging messaging_client = 
messaging_controller = messaging_client.client 

body = 
body.application_id = “123” = [“+18888888888”, “+17777777777”] 
body.from = “+19999999999” 
body.text = “Greetings from Bandwidth!” 
messaging_controller.create_message(“456”, body)

Give your developers access to powerful network capabilities

Bandwidth gives you access to carrier-grade features and a powerful network. Our APIs support whatever language you’ve built your software on, including PHP, Node.js, Ruby, C#, Java, and Python, allowing you to easily embed communications without having to start from scratch.

Unleash your most ambitious communication plans with confidence

The flexibility of Bandwidth’s CPaaS platform and the reliability of our carrier-grade network build the momentum for you to jump your way through every hoop to the market—at speed and scale. We come with SDKs and a dependable library of developer documentation.

Common Use Cases

  • SMS alerts
  • 1-click call/text
  • SMS surveys
  • IVR system
  • Call analytics
  • Group calls/text
  • Speech to text
  • 911 calls
  • Group messaging

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