End User (EU)

End User (EU) refers to a residential, business, institutional, or government entity that uses services for its own purposes and does not resell such services to other entities.

How Bandwidth is Involved with End Users

At Bandwidth, we think about end users every day. The services that Bandwidth provides gives people the power to communicate through voice, messaging, 9-1-1 access, and phone numbers. It is our job to make sure that every message is sent efficiently, every call goes through, and every voice is heard whether someone texting their best friend or having to place a call to 9-1-1. Bandwidth focuses every day on meeting the needs of our customers so they can provide the best possible experience to their end users.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Involvement with End Users

Since Bandwidth is always thinking about end users, we are constantly innovating to meet the demands that our customers face as our means of communication continue to change. In addition to constantly striving to reinvent our services so our customers have a competitive advantage, Bandwidth offers a variety of features that set us apart.

Bandwidth owns and operates one of the largest All-IP Voice networks in the nation which allows our customers to enjoy fast, reliable services, competitive pricing, and the ability to scale. There is no need to worry about a middleman when working with Bandwidth because we are able to bring our services directly to you. Another benefit of owning the network is our ability to scale to meet the needs of your business whether you are a mom-and-pop shop or an enterprise giant. As you grow and gain more end users, Bandwidth will be there to help you grow your communications offering every step of the way.

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