EVS 9-1-1 Call Routing

EVS 9-1-1 Call Routing is Bandwidth’s VoIP 9-1-1 routing service, and is based on a registered physical address in Bandwidth’s ALI/ANI.

How is Bandwidth Involved with EVS 9-1-1 Call Routing

Bandwidth’s Standard Address Routing uses a 9-1-1 enabled phone number’s registered location to route calls to the proper emergency call center or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). We store all of our customers’ 9-1-1 location data in a comprehensive and secure database that you can access via our easy-to-use dashboard or market-leading API.

What are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s EVS 9-1-1 Call Routing

Bandwidth’s ‘standard’ 9-1-1 routing is anything but ordinary. Built to ensure the highest quality and most reliable emergency services available, Bandwidth’s Standard Address Routing is grounded in the most sophisticated (and easy-to-use) provisioning tools possible.

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