Features are individual components of a service or solution that cannot be sold alone. A few examples of features include voice recording, read receipts, and voice-to-text. Features are named according to their accepted, industry-standard terminology or as close as possible to that term based on the definition and are not branded.

How is Bandwidth Involved with Features

Bandwidth offers a variety of features. For example, DL/DA, LIDB, CNAM, and Call Forwarding are just a few of the many features that can be used to enhance a service.

What are the Benefits of Features

Without any features, you’ve just got a plain old phone number. By adding features like DL/DA, customers position themselves to make it easy for the public to locate their business or service. Bandwidth allows our customers to enter phone numbers into LIDB, enabling their caller ID name to appear on outbound phone calls. The CNAM feature allows the Caller ID name that is displayed on an inbound phone call.

Terms Related to Features

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