An Incident is a reported, service impacting issue.

How is Bandwidth Handles Incident Reports

If an incident occurs, we ask that our customers create a support ticket by logging in to the Bandwidth provided Support Dashboard. After a customer enters an incident ticket, Bandwidth technicians will investigate the incident and work to find a swift resolution.

In an effort to keep Bandwidth customers up to date, widely impacted events are reported and posted on Bandwidth’s Status Page.

What are the Benefits of How Bandwidth Handles Incidents

Bandwidth takes all incident reports that we receive seriously. That is why we have a world class team that is there to assist our customer with any problems they might have. Bandwidth’s Network Operations Center (NOC) team is on-call 24/7 to quickly address issues with the network. We believe the communication our customers enable is important which is why we focus on providing great support when they need us. No need to take our word for it, we have talked to our customers about their experience and have crunched the numbers.

On average, Bandwidth replies to any technical support issue in less than an hour. After our initial reply, our support team will collaborate with whoever reported the incident to make sure it is resolved quickly. We are committed to giving our customers an unprecedented level of support which has led to our average customer satisfaction score being a 9.6/10.

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