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Local VoIP Phone Numbers

Author: Anagha Ravi

Local VoIP phone numbers allow users to have a locally recognizable area code that is not necessarily tied to a single physical device. VoIP technology allows for calls to a local phone number that can be located anywhere. 

Used for legitimate business purposes and implemented in a relevant, responsible manner, local VoIP phone numbers can provide value and practical advantages i.e., establishing a regional presence in a new market and protecting the private information of app users. 

Bandwidth provides local VoIP phone numbers together with outbound and inbound calling that power popular platforms including Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business, Zoom Phone, and Google Voice. Our phone number APIs allow companies to easily order, port, and provision numbers within their own interface to better serve their customers.

Bandwidth is a vocal industry proponent for the responsible use of local VoIP phone numbers for legitimate business purposes and closely monitors our network for indications of abuse and fraud

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