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Mobile Terminated (MT) Message

MT Message refers to where a message was terminated on or delivered to via a mobile device.

How Bandwidth is Involved with MT Messages

Bandwidth’s messaging services allow our customers to use MO (Mobile originated) and MT messages to better their business.

For example, let’s say that your business offers appointment reminders that your customer can either ‘confirm’ or ‘cancel’. The message containing the word “Confirm” that your customer sends to agree to the appointment is considered the MO message. Upon receiving this message, your business may have programmed an automatic reply such as “Thank you”. The message that your customer receives saying “thank you” on their mobile device is considered to be the MT Message.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Messaging Services like MT Messages

At Bandwidth, we understand how important messages are when connecting businesses to their customers. Whether your business uses messaging to remind someone about tickets to hear their favorite band or about an appointment to hear their baby’s first heartbeat, your messages matter to us.

That’s why Bandwidth provides a Messaging API that sits atop our own network. Our customers experience fast, reliable messaging solutions that can grow with your business. Since we own and operate the network, you get to avoid the middleman. Your business can enjoy cost savings on effective, scalable messaging solutions which allows you to get back to what matters most.

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