Short Code

Short Code is a five or six digit number that is typically used to send large volumes of messages to enhance effective communication with marketing campaigns, shipping notifications, and alerts.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Short Codes

Bandwidth offers toll-free SMS in lieu of short codes to provide our customers with the best possible messaging experience. Bandwidth’s toll-free SMS offering enables messaging capabilities like PIN codes, notifications, and other customer communications that provide a better user experience. Bandwidth’s toll-free SMS is one feature that we offer through our SMS Messaging API.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Toll-Free Messaging

Bandwidth’s toll-free SMS allows for an overall better user experience. Your business can get more value out of toll-free phone numbers by letting your customers have one number that handles phone calls and texting communications.

Toll-free numbers are also much faster to provision than short codes. While obtaining short codes from mobile carriers can take weeks to months, Bandwidth’s short codes can be ready to use in minutes. This allows your business to start customer engagement as soon as possible.

Toll-free numbers are also cost effective for your business when compared to short codes. The more money you save on investing in messaging means an even greater ROI for your text messaging efforts. Not only is your business getting more bang for their buck, but your customers are also receiving a more authentic messaging experience.

Short codes are typically 5-digit phone numbers which can feel like SPAM to an end user. Toll-free SMS is a ten digit number which gives a better impression when your business reaches out.

Overall, Bandwidth’s toll-free SMS services are an effective way for your business to reach out as well as provide a more enjoyable experience for your customers. Bandwidth has mastered toll-free SMS, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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